Merlin - To kill the King vid
To kill the King
Song by Max Raabe "Oops!...I Did It Again",
Paring: Arthur/Merlin
Raiting: R
Genre: CRACK!!!
made for Arthur/Merlin OTP Fest 2010 theme № 12. To Kill the King
Summary: For 20 years the Great Dragon, incarcerated in vaults of Camelot, tried to murder King Uther Pendragon. But all his brilliant plans failed. Quite lose all hope for freedom and despaired... The Great Dragon ventured for the last mean...

DL link megaupload 81 Mb, wmv

destiel gif animations
here are gif animations of destiel maniped moments from my vids (most of them from "Stay"). Feel free to use if credit)
Warning again!! they are hypnotic even for me, so be careful)))

Time for Destiel vid - "Stay"
Song: "Stay" by Michelle featherstone
Pairing: destiel (Dean/Castiel)
Rating: R
Genre: angst
Summary: Dean wants Castiel to stay with him , but he also knows, what could happen in future... so he pushes him away.
Warning: it's like heavy R and it is very sad(((
I made this vid as a birthday present for wonderfulkasienka_nikki
it took only 2 days instead of my usual 2 month, so sorry if there are bugs
and i'am really sorry about angst... I know, that presents are suppoused to be cheerful... sorry again)))))

DL link mediafire - 

smal gif destiel teaser
 from vid I'am working on now

Made it from my Bad romance fanvid. Be careful! It can be kinda hypnotic


 Feel free to use but credit

Bad romance - Merlin fanvid
Bad romance
Song: Lady GaGa "Bad romance"
Characters: Arthur/Merlin
Rating: PG-13! here we have kiss and numerous implications
Summary: they want... and they want really bad))
DL link from rapidshare 55 MB

new merlin fanvid
 "A gift or a curse"
Song: Iced Earth "A gift or a curse"
Characters: Merlin, Arthur, Uther
Summary: Merlin has nightmares, and they may be not just simple dreams...
Warning: evil merlin 
DL link megaupload 73 MB

And now Merlin! fanvid
Song: Robbie Williams "Feel"
Characters: Arthur/Merlin
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Merlin wants to feel...
Spoilers up to 2.08 & 2.09 trailer
DL link

Again fanvid)))
I'll be your home
Song: Rin Oikawa "I'll Be Your Home"
Rating: R
Characters: Dean/Castiel
Summary: Home is a place near somebody, who loves you, who is always thinking about you, waiting for you. Dean and Castiel became home for each other.
Spoilers up to 5.04
DL link 80 MB

I'll Be Your Home

I'll be your homeCollapse )

Saving me
Song: Nickelback "Saving me"
Rating: PG
Characters: Dean/Castiel
Summary: Dean and Castiel are trying to save each other
Spoilers 5.01, 5.02

DL link 59 MB


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